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Karcher Pressure Washers & Accessories

Karcher is a German company that makes high-quality pressure washers, flat surface cleaners, floor sweepers and more. Whatever your cleaning needs, Karcher has a pressure washer that’ll work for you. Small portable electric pressure washers are available for normal home users looking to clean things around the house all the way up to full-scale commercial pressure washer trailers.



Karcher Pressure Washers for Sale in Milwaukee WI

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  • Karcher Gas Pressure Washers
  • Electric Pressure Washers
  • Karcher Flat Surface Cleaners
  • Floor Scrubbers
  • Karcher Detergents
  • Karcher Water Recovery Systems


Karcher Autonomous Floor Scrubber


Karcher Surface Cleaners

In addition to their pressure washers, Karcher manufactures surface cleaners for a wide number of applications. They make flat surface cleaners for pressure washers up to autonomous floor sweepers used to keep large warehouses and department store floors clean. Their machines are available in a wide variety of sizes, so we’re sure we have a cleaning solution for you.

Not sure what machine is best for your business? Give us a call or fill out a form and tell us a little about your cleaning challenge and we’ll be able to offer a cleaning solution that is right for you.

Karcher Soaps & Detergents

Not only does Karcher make the pressure washing machines they make the detergents for them as well. 

Pressure Washer Detergents

Floor Scrubber Detergents




You have questions. We have answers. Power Wash Store Milwaukee has all the pressure washers, equipment, accessories, detergents, and services you could possibly need to get the job done. If all you need is information, we have that too. We can teach you the best way to clean between vehicles with limited space, clean roofs with steep angles, or even just suggest certain products to help you get things done.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time. While we’ve been here, we’ve picked up some tricks of the trade. Contact us for tips/advice on how to be more efficient or inquire about our products.