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Custom Pressure Washer Equipment for Sale in Milwaukee, WI

Pressure washer water reclaim vacuums for sale in Milwaukee, WI

Water Reclaim
Vacuums & Containment

The Power Wash Store is committed to offering products that have as little impact on the environment as possible. In addition to environmentally-friendly pressure washer detergents, we also have a great inventory of water reclaim machines, vacuums, berms, booms and containment systems.

Helping the environment is not only good for your business and its image, but it’s also good to know you’re doing your part to help sustain the planet. Come by our shop and check out our selection of environmentally-friendly equipment from

  • Hydro Tek
  • IPC Eagle
  • RHG Vacuums
  • Sirocco
  • Steel Eagle

Custom built pressure washers for sale in Milwaukee, WI

Custom Builds
Personalized Solutions

Real Life Example

The Problems:

  1. Didn't want employees pulling a trailer with a truck
  2. Local customers often have well water or low pressure making steady water flow difficult
  3. Customer wanted both hot water & cold water washing options

The Solutions:

  1. Drop-in skid base for pick-up truck solves trailer issues
  2. 200-gallon tank and booster pump solves water supply issues
  3. Added vertical burner to machine with existing cold water skid solves hot/cold water issue

proportioner chemical mixing system for pressure washers

Chemical Mixing System

The proportioner chemical mixing system saves you time and money, helping you get the job done faster, more efficiently, and with less waste by mixing the chemicals in as you wash.

No more batch-mixing. Just pull up to the job site, start your machines, and wash. There’s no measuring and mixing of chemicals, and no extra mixed chemicals leftover when you're done. Instead, there’s one tank for water and one for your chemicals. All it takes is a simple turn of the dials, and you're ready to wash.

The proportioner is one of the most useful tools you can have in your arsenal, and it's a Power Wash Store exclusive--created by us for people like you.

Storage Solutions brand chests and toolboxes for sale in WI

Storage Solutions
Tool Chests & Tanks

Tool chests from Storage Solutions keep everything you need for the job securely in place. Compartment options make it easy to keep all your gear organized. They’re available in stainless steel or black and in various sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles.

If you're thinking the proportioner won’t work for you because you don't have separate tanks to hold your water and chemicals, don’t rule it out yet. The Power Wash Store has tanks in all sizes, so no matter what kind of vehicle you have there’s a solution.

Folding and extendable ladders for sale in WI

Folding & Extendable

Besides the hassle of dragging a ladder around a job site, there’s the hassle of transporting it. Still, it’s one of those things you just need to have with you. Fortunately, there are compact ladders—and the Power Wash Store has them.

Our compact ladders are made with high-quality, aircraft-grade aluminum so they’re lightweight but strong. The way they fold and compress makes them ideal for jobs like roof washing, where you have to move around a lot.

If you’re in doubt about how well a collapsible ladder can work, stop by our Milwaukee shop and try one out for yourself. We offer free demonstrations because we believe in our products.

Hydro Tek Hot Water Skid

Custom Built Mini Skid

Need some customized equipment? Custom washer skids are available with a booster pump, air diaphragm pump or 12V pump. These mini skids have a footprint of 40" x 44". Select the right options for your washer setup when you work with Power Wash Store.

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You have questions. We have answers. Power Wash Store Milwaukee has all the pressure washers, equipment, accessories, detergents, and services you could possibly need to get the job done. If all you need is information, we have that too. We can teach you the best way to clean between vehicles with limited space, clean roofs with steep angles, or even just suggest certain products to help you get things done.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time. While we’ve been here, we’ve picked up some tricks of the trade. Contact us for tips/advice on how to be more efficient or inquire about our products.